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Les Chochottes

Les Chochottes | Red Dot Design Award

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Les Chochottes is a family business that manufactures natural therapeutic products to assuage the intensity of illnesses such as tendonitis or stress. The company name means “the delicate” or “the refined” and fosters pride in those who look after themselves. The origins of this visual identity can be found in an old postcard depicting circus wrestlers standing next to a small boy, who is actually the great-grandfather of the company’s founder. The apparent contradiction of muscle men and natural therapeutic products captures – with a touch of humour – the spirit of the brand.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Les Chochottes Laboratoire, Rodez
  • Design:
    Run Design, Barcelona
  • creative direction:
    Xavier Roca Connétable, Eva Balart
  • graphic design:
    Thomas Rochon, Estefanía Aragüés, Xavier Roca Connétable
Les Chochottes | Red Dot Design Award
Les Chochottes | Red Dot Design Award