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Lexus Korea

Lexus Korea | Red Dot Design Award

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Within Korea, recent campaigns for the Lexus CT, IS and Hybrid Zero already demonstrated that the brand is trying to break away from its previous image. Within the scope of opening up to a younger audience and supporting the shift from a luxury brand to a more forward-thinking, progressive brand, Lexus’ official website required a consistent user interface and user experience design to serve as the centre of all online marketing and sales activities. The result was the successful development of a user-friendly, responsive website where users can easily and conveniently access information at any time.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Toyota Motors Korea, Seoul
  • Design:
    designfever, Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    Sanghun Lee
  • Art Direction:
    Juhwan Lee
  • Film Direction:
    Giyong Rhee
  • Graphic Design:
    Kimo Kang, Nara Kim
  • Project Management:
    Sarah Kim, Jihye An
  • Publisher:
    Youngsu Han, Hyunil Park, Myoungah Chang, Jongjin Lim, Jinyong Joo, Dohun Kim, Myungjin Kim, Byungjun Kwak
  • Strategic Planning:
    Seongbok Lee
Lexus Korea | Red Dot Design Award
Lexus Korea | Red Dot Design Award