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Librottiglia | Red Dot Design Award

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Librottiglia, the evocative name of this wine range, comes from the union of two Italian words: “libro” (book) and “bottiglia” (bottle). Its label is reimagined as a mini-book presenting one of three different short stories, illustrated with an intriguing cover image and attached to the bottle with a fine cord. The cord converts the opening and closing of the book into a ritual and strengthens the coordinated identity of the range. The textured paper and the special print finishes enhance the tactile aspect of the experience. Finally, the 375 ml bottle was chosen to express the concept of the project: a short story to read while enjoying two glasses of wine.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Author:
    Patrizia Laquidara, Danilo Zanelli, Regina Nadaes Marques
  • Design:
    Reverse Innovation, Milan/Amsterdam
  • Coordination:
    Paula Acosta
  • Graphic Design:
    Michela De Nicolis
  • Photography:
    Francesco Zanet, Milan Studio Effe, Milan
  • Client:
    Matteo Correggia, Canale d’Alba (Cuneo)
  • Art Direction/Concept:
    Mirco Onesti
Librottiglia | Red Dot Design Award