Liebhaberstücke Cherished Objects

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In order to present traditional costumes without falling into the trap of archtraditionalism or trivialisation, this catalogue stages them as “cherished objects”. Thus, the costumes feature thematically in the context of individual catalogue segments on “Jewelry”, “Cutlery”, “Fashion” and “Publications”. In addition, a comprehensive booklet titled “the invisible bond” describes the goals and self-image of the Trachten-Kontor (traditional costumes unit) of the Trachten-Informationszentrum (TIZ) with as little traditional costume centricity as possible. Expressive illustrations and workshop images enhance the published material with contemporary imagery.

  • Design:
    Cerno Design, Munich
  • Text:
    Christian Aichner, Munich
  • Client:
    Trachten-Informationszentrum des Bezirks Oberbayern, Benediktbeuern
  • Creative Direction/Concept:
    Jana Cerno
  • Photography:
    Frank Bauer, Munich Dirk Tacke, Munich
  • Graphic Design:
    Jana Cerno