Red Dot Design Award
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LIFEWTR: Series 1

LIFEWTR: Series 1 | Red Dot Design Award

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LIFEWTR is a new premium brand of bottled water, which exists to advance and showcase the sources of creation and creativity. Released in a series of three with label designs changing multiple times per year, the bottle design features work by various emerging artists in order to introduce distinct expressions of creativity. The first label series promotes the work of three contemporary artists: MOMO, who creates vivid murals in public spaces; Craig & Karl, a transatlantic duo, who collaborate to create bold works with simple messages; and Jason Woodside, whose large-scale works infuse optimism through colour and design.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    PepsiCo, Purchase, New York, USA
  • Design:
    PepsiCo Design & Innovation Center, New York, USA