Red Dot Design Award


Lightshow | Red Dot Design Award

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Stamps from Liechtenstein are considered to be ambassadors of the country and an artistic mirror of their time. This special stamp was developed to celebrate the UNESCO International Year of Light. With the motto “lightshow”, it provides viewers with three experiments with light. First, the background of the stamp glows in the dark thanks to the fluorescent colour used. Furthermore, viewers can see micro perforations in the paper when they hold the stamp in front of a light source. Finally, the pink gradient in the background of the globe is printed with a special colour that changes from pink to violet upon exposure to UV light.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Philatelie Liechtenstein, Schaan
  • Design:
    Leone Ming Est., Schaan
  • Creative Direction:
    Leone Ming
  • Art Direction:
    Christine Böhmwalder
  • Graphic Design:
    Till Köhnlein
  • Project Management:
    Lisa Ruggenthaler
Lightshow | Red Dot Design Award