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Litolff | Red Dot Design Award

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Litolff is a new brand for top end children’s clothing and accessories. The overall effect of the Bel Epok branding concept is a holistic message of timeless quality and expert craftsmanship with design aesthetics that combine sophistication with pure charm. To express the exclusive quality special attention was paid to materials for the labelling. The packaging box plaques are made of metal for boys’ goods, porcelain for girls’ products, and leather for the luxury line. The plaques bear the brand logo, featuring a jumping rabbit in mirror image. The rabbit logo is designed to translate effectively into various media, appearing, for example, as a beautifully rendered little stitched emblem on garments.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Litolff GmbH, Cologne
  • Design:
    Bel Epok GmbH, Cologne
  • creative direction/concept:
    Tobias Müksch
  • art direction:
    Stephanie Herse
  • graphic design:
    Lukas Friederich
  • photography:
    Michael Mann
  • production:
Litolff | Red Dot Design Award
Litolff | Red Dot Design Award