Short Film

Living Paper

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The increasing flood of information and the endless possibilities for communicating with each other have resulted in an enormous increase in paper consumption over the past few years. The topic of this short film is that not only trees and entire forests have to be destroyed to produce the masses of paper that are later often carelessly wasted, but that there will also be massive consequences for the environment. With the aim of raising awareness about a more sustainable use of paper, the film itself uses only animations created from paper and thus makes paper come to life by giving it a voice to tell its own story. The animation starts with a white sheet of paper that is sliced to slowly reveal the outlines of a landscape with a mountain, hills, bushes and a river, making beholders experience how nature slowly evolves into ever more abundant forms. Until suddenly man arrives and clears ever larger forest areas, using the wood to make paper. Towards the ending, the sheet of paper experiences a short elevating moment as a love letter, before it is squeezed through a printer or is thrown away carelessly into the waste bin.

Statement by the Jury

The short film “Living Paper” is outstandingly crafted and convinces with a dramaturgically dense and highly engaging plot. It manages to convey emotions in a credible manner and vary them over the length of the entire film. Rounded off by a convincing ending, this work demonstrates high design craftsmanship in both form and content.

  • Client:
    Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences, Krefeld
  • Design:
    Ina Warnecke, Krefeld; Vanessa Rodek, Krefeld
  • Supervising Professor:
    Prof. Thorsten Kraus, Olaf Reys