Red Dot Design Award
Packaging Design

Łomża Unpasteurised

Łomża Unpasteurised | Red Dot Design Award

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The bottle shape and label design of this beer intentionally evoke nostalgic associations with a socialist-era beer, intended as a homage to the time when the Polish brewery in Łomża was built. Back then – due to a lack of high-quality paper – more monochrome labels were used in lieu of coloured ones. In addition, non-pasteurised beer was sold in small, characteristically shaped bottles. This antiquated look has been newly interpreted and enhanced with such details as appealing designs on the bottle caps.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Browary Regionalne om a, Warsaw head of marketing Radosław Kasyk project management Maciej Ładwiński
  • Design:
    Touch Ideas, Warsaw
  • creative direction:
    Maja Ganszyniec
  • graphic design:
    Marcin Krygier
  • strategic planning:
    Bartłomiej Serafiński
Łomża Unpasteurised | Red Dot Design Award