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Look Twice

Look Twice | Red Dot Design Award

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Aiming to illustrate how the Blind Spot Assist works in a way that people will understand at first sight, this poster campaign focuses on the core feature of this technology: the Assist makes it possible for a motor-vehicle driver to simultaneously look straight ahead and to the side. With a solution that presents an unseen optical illusion forcing passers-by to look twice, the person depicted on the poster seems to be looking straight ahead and to the side at once. The merging of both a portrait and a profile shot into one face manages to communicate the complex technology without having to resort to verbal explanations.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Daimler AG, Stuttgart
  • Design:
    Jung von Matt, Hamburg
  • executive creative direction:
    Alexander Norvilas
  • art direction:
    Jesús González Rodríguez
  • creative direction:
    David Wegener
  • artist:
    Klaus Merz
Look Twice | Red Dot Design Award
Look Twice | Red Dot Design Award