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Love to Hate – Para_Site

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This poster for the museum night event “Love to Hate – Para_Site” in Basel is part of a promotional campaign that includes invitation cards and promotional bags. The design was developed from the simple idea of showing the same identity in different lighting conditions. The key visual is based on one-colour typography: it features a bright neon-orange during the day, which changes completely at night when the poster is illuminated by UV lamps. The typographic approach is founded on a visual and metrical hierarchy, starting with bigger elements for the title and moving to smaller elements for more detailed information.

  • Client:
    FHNW HGK Basel, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Academy of Art and Design Basel
  • Design:
    Konstantin Eremenko, Basel
  • Printing:
    Arni Siebdruck, Basel
  • Printing:
    Steudler Press, Basel