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With the L.POINT app, customers accumulate and use points when they shop at affiliated companies. To encourage users to use the service frequently, the barcode inside the app, which is needed for scanning at the cash register, is activated quickly with a convenient shaking gesture. Member data is used to welcome customers to the main page with specific content. In addition, users can participate in health promoting campaigns such as “Walking 10,000 steps a day”, the progress of which is accompanied by vivid graphics and charming illustrations.

  • Client:
    LOTTE Members, Seoul, South Korea
  • Design:
    PlusX, Seoul, South Korea
  • Publisher:
    Jeonghyuk Won, Mira Jeong
  • Development:
    Chanyong Shim, Jinkyoung Na, Duhyun Nam
  • Creative Direction:
    Sabum Byun
  • User Experience Design:
    Youjin Jeon, Jeongho Kim, Jihye Won, Soyeon Han
  • User Interface Design:
    Bongho Choi, Jaehoon Lee, Jung Hee, Kiwon Jang, Hyeyoung Jung, Chulhee Kim, Jihye Lee