Red Dot Design Award

Lucerne Festival

Lucerne Festival | Red Dot Design Award

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Lucerne Festival is one of the most renowned festivals for classical music worldwide. Three festival “seasons” were integrated into the redesign of the website. The homepage always features the upcoming festival prominently, while remaining festivals remain present. Distinct call to actions and an innovative 3D seating plan provide an intuitive booking of tickets with just a few clicks. Fullscreen HD videos promote the unique atmosphere of the festival, while detail views of the events showcase the artists with large portraits, presenting a foretaste of the particular event.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Account Management:
    Eva-Maria Schreiner
  • Head of Marketing:
    Helmut Bachmann
  • Programming:
    Daniel Hihn, Damian Oscik, Maxim Werkhowski, Pavlo Assel
  • Design:
    m.i.r. media – Digital Agency, Cologne
  • Client:
    Stiftung LUCERNE FESTIVAL, Lucerne
  • Project Management:
    Sebastian Pomp
  • Art Direction:
    Matias Ampiainen
  • Web Design:
    Katharina Schröder, Laura Meister