High Fidelity


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The compact disc “High Fidelity – Rithma Sounds” was produced as part of a promotional campaign for LZF Lighting that pays tribute to the aesthetics of old jazz cover art. 12 new lamp designs are each graphically represented by a different record cover. Each graphic was then used by The Own, Barcelona, to create a retro motion graphics masterpiece for the presentation of the lighting collection. LA-based musician and producer Rithma was then fused into the project, composing a jazz-inspired soundtrack for the film. The result was so successful that it turned into a 12-song CD, which was constantly used as the soundtrack accompanying the whole campaign, as well as being a key component to the campaign merchandising.

  • Client:
    LZF LAMPS,   Valencia
  • Design:
    Rithma Music (Etienne Stehelin),   Los Angeles
  • creative direction/ project management:
    Marivi Calvo, Sandro Tothill,   LZF LAMPS
  • cover art/ motion graphics animation:
    LekuonaStudio,   The Own, Barcelona
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