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MACHT KUNST | MAKE ART | Red Dot Design Award

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In the beginning of 2013, the Deutsche Guggenheim presented its last exhibition in the gallery space Unter den Linden in Berlin, where afterwards a new gallery, the KunstHalle, moved in, independently run by Deutsche Bank. In order to arouse interest in a gallery whose new name nobody knew in a city that is full of galleries, an announcement via social media, print and online ads, radio commercials and large wall projections in Berlin was launched, called “Macht Kunst” (Make Art). All of Berlin’s artists were invited to show one piece of their work for 24 hours in the new KunstHalle – with the prospect of receiving studio grants and solo exhibitions. A total of 2,135 works – more than ten times the number that can fit in the KunstHalle at one time – were submitted and a second exhibition had to be organised. Thanks to the appeal across diverse media, the word spread around town and the gallery attracted more than 12,000 visitors. The exhibition generated over 1,800 reviews and, within a matter of days, established Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin and beyond.

Statement by the Jury

This campaign is fantastic because it does exactly what is needed these days to reach and engage the target group: it gets them involved. For a museum that intends to spread the word and establish itself in the minds of people as quickly as possible, this kind of appealing and attention-grabbing event is ideally suited to achieve that aim.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Deutsche Bank AG, Berlin
  • Design:
    Scholz & Friends
  • Global Head of Communications, CSR & Public Affairs:
    Thorsten Strauß
  • Global Head of Art:
    Friedhelm Hütte
  • Project Management MACHT KUNST:
    Steffen Zarutzki
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Martin Pross, Matthias Spaetgens
  • Art Direction:
    Mario Zaradic, Peter Schönherr, Heidrun Kleingries
  • Text:
    Lars Wagner
  • Account Management:
    Kirsten Emmerich, Paul Stade, Lina Gralka
  • Event Management:
    Philip Zeim
  • Production:
    Hastings Audio Network
MACHT KUNST | MAKE ART | Red Dot Design Award