Red Dot Design Award
Notebook, Promotional Printed Material

Macro Maison

Macro Maison | Red Dot Design Award

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Macro Maison is the retail chain of a Taiwanese wood furniture manufacturer. Globalisation has exposed Taiwanese furniture to Western trends, which is why these furniture pieces are more closely aligned to the traditional Asian lifestyle. Advertising materials employ Taiwanese characters and phrase a claim that can be translated as “Just love the lines”. The line – as an element of Chinese aesthetics – represents a formative design element in the notebooks and tools of the retail chain’s direct marketing campaigns.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Yeong Jin Furniture Factory Corp., Ltd.
  • Design:
    Creative-E Design Studio., Taichung
  • head of marketing:
    Steve Chaing
  • head of advertising:
    Tung Liang Chen
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Wen Chun Fong
  • project management:
    Evonne Lin
  • photography:
    Chun Hsiung Chiu, J.P. Studio
  • copywriter:
    Hong Zhen Wang
Macro Maison | Red Dot Design Award