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Magic Bamboo Charcoal Paper Packaging

Magic Bamboo Charcoal Paper Packaging | Red Dot Design Award

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“Magic Bamboo Charcoal” is an elaborately designed gift packaging manufactured using bamboo charcoal paper made from Taiwanese Moso bamboo. The inside of the two boxes is moisture-proof and deodorising so that they can be reused many times. The visual design of the packaging is also a reference to the material and features a woodcut technique in traditional Asian style picturing a Taiwanese landscape with a house, mountains and people walking through a Moso bamboo forest. Furthermore, the colouring was chosen carefully to match the country’s official colour canon: the pure black on a white background symbolises charcoal, while red stands for the heat of fire when kilning bamboo charcoal. The boxes reveal small individual bags made of bamboo charcoal paper and a paper-print layer with soy ink. Each one of them contains a slice of bamboo charcoal and thus underlines the charcoal’s particular influence and significance to outstanding effect.

Statement by the Jury

The gift packaging “Magic Bamboo Charcoal” is marked by a highly personal illustration style and excellent graphics. Based on classic traditional techniques, the visual identity is imbued with a contemporary design appearance that merges the various elements into a superbly crafted and meticulously composed, harmonious unity.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Asia University, Taichung City
  • Design:
    Yu-Ting Wu, Yi-Hsuan Lin, Pei-Hsuan Chou, Ting-Yu Chen, Asia University
  • Supervising Professor:
    Shu-Yuan Lin
Magic Bamboo Charcoal Paper Packaging | Red Dot Design Award