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Magic Seeds is a fully interactive iPad app for children. Its colourful illustrations and non-verbal aspect of storytelling make it accessible to a broad audience. The game aims to encourage children’s imagination and creativity through puzzle solving and engaging with more than 100 interactive elements and sounds. By touching, dragging and rotating the illustrations, hidden collectibles are discovered, which can then be used to create unique flowers and plants. These creations can be edited, saved and shared through social networks.

  • creative direction:
    Bo Liu
  • art direction:
    Xiaofang Li
  • music/sound design:
    Yilin You
  • artwork:
    Songling Zhang, Xiaoshuang Guo, Yajuan Mao, Yichao Wu, Na Zuo, Mengtan Liu, Bowen Li
  • programming:
    Jiansheng Jiang, Tao Fang
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