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MAINFELD – Raum für Kultur

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MAINFELD is a culture and community centre in Frankfurt/Main. Its flexible and variable logo is composed of countless grey dots on a white background, or vice versa, which together shape the name of Frankfurt’s Mainfeld district. It metaphorically illustrates the activity of local citizens – both those engaged in the cultural sector as well as the audience – whose ideas are in constant flow. The logo is applied in various forms: as pins and dots of light on architectural structures, as animation on the Internet, or printed on items of clothing and print media. In addition, colourful photographs vibrantly contrast with the monochrome logo design.

  • Client:
    kombinat gmbh, Frankfurt/Main
  • Design:
    Impulslabor, Frankfurt/Main
  • art direction:
    Ulrike Gauder, Uwe Tischer
  • graphic design:
    Ulrike Gauder
  • text:
    Cora Walker
  • photography:
    Andreas Reeg
  • animation:
    Mathias Baske