Red Dot Design Award
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Marbach Schillerhöhe

Marbach Schillerhöhe | Red Dot Design Award

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As a main element of corporate design, a big, bold “S” unites the hilly park in the town of Marbach, situated along the Neckar River, with the Schiller National Museum, the German Literary Archive, the Contemporary Literature Museum, and Marbach’s new city hall. On the occasion of Friedrich Schiller’s 250th birthday, the “S” takes on special meaning in that it stands for “Schiller” as well as for “Schillerhöhe” (the city park) or “Stadthalle” (the city hall). An architectural colour concept along with graphic wall design (integrating planes, lines and typographical text lines from Schiller’s works) create references to the relevant place, time and space with the intention of getting the viewer to “schiller-ise” – get in touch with Schiller – and to smile.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Stadtbauamt Marbach am Neckar
  • Design:
    Barbara Baumann, Gerd Baumann, Baumann & Baumann, Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • photography:
    Carla Baumann
Marbach Schillerhöhe | Red Dot Design Award