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MEEM | Red Dot Design Award

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MEEM, a charging cable and app, automatically backs up the data stored on a smartphone to the cable itself every time the phone’s battery is charged. It can be used like any other charging cable, and neither a PC nor a cloud is needed. Backups according to individual settings are possible, comprising all content such as contacts, calendar, messages, photos, videos and music. Accidently deleted items or the entire phone’s state of the last backup are easily restored. In addition, the app allows data to be selectively synced between different phones.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Idea:
    Anil Goel, AG, Delhi
  • Design:
    jozeph forakis ... design, Milan
  • Client:
    MEEM Memory Ltd, London
  • UI_/UX Design:
    Stefanija Najdovska, MEEM Memory Ltd, Milan Takumi Yoshida, Simon Drexler, Jan-Cristoph Zoels, Experientia, Turin
  • Design Direction:
    Jozeph Forakis
MEEM | Red Dot Design Award