Mehling & Wiesmann

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Mehling & Wiesmann is a manufacturer of high-quality woods and veneers that are used for the production of furniture and in interior design. The heart of the corporate appearance is the word mark and the claim “… wood that brings life”, which is an integral part of the logo. A clear and straightforward corporate design offers ample space for images. The website guides visitors through the broad range of products and references, featuring teasers that introduce each category. Products and references can be filtered for quick and easy orientation on the bilingual site.

  • Client:
    Mehling & Wiesmann, Lohr am Main
  • Text:
    Dr Diana Paul
  • Design:
    Shuttle Design Studio, Würzburg
  • Web Design:
    Christian Nath
  • Project Management:
    Philip Grob
  • Photography:
    Tobias März, Despecto, Würzburg