Annual Reports

Mein Basel. Mein Lieblingsort. My Basel. My favourite place. Basler Kantonalbank Annual Report 2012

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In its 2012 annual report the Basler Kantonalbank (BKB) puts its location centre-stage. The photographer Pierluigi Macor has taken portraits of citizens of different ages and professional fields in the city’s public areas and asked them what they love about the place they were photographed in. Diverse portraits and statements paint an authentic and at the same time multi-faceted image of the city that is the BKB’s home. In addition, the layout presents the facts in a clear and easy to understand format.

  • Client:
    Basler Kantonalbank, Basel
  • Design:
    New Identity Ltd., Basel
  • creative direction:
    Robert Wesseler
  • art direction:
    Ramon Classen
  • graphic design:
    Katharina Marti
  • photography:
    Pierluigi Macor