Red Dot Design Award
Website Relaunch | Red Dot Design Award

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Aided by a clear structure and simple navigation the website of the non-governmental organisation directs the user’s attention to the essential information. Full-screen images give the viewers an accurate impression of the actual situation while short teasers introduce the various projects. To increase the willingness to donate, the processing of online donations has been improved and simplified. The user can now donate by clicking on a so-called “one-click-donate” sidebar, visible and accessible from each part of the website. Via the integration into the business software GRÜN eVEWA, the donations can be directly processed in the administrative back end of the website.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Stiftung Menschen für Menschen, Munich
  • Design:
    giftGRÜN GmbH, Aachen
  • creative direction:
    Patrick Heinker, giftGRÜN GmbH
  • project management:
    Christian Goedsche, giftGRÜN GmbH
  • programming:
    GRÜN Software AG | Red Dot Design Award