Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Configurator

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Mercedes-Benz offers its customers an intelligent and innovative way to experience, explore and engage with their vehicles – the Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Configurator. It is designed to make vehicle selection easier, faster and more personal, while addressing the needs of customers with little or no particular affinity to technology. With a clear focus on the individual preferences, users are guided in an interactive manner through different aspects of their lifestyle, which cover diverse areas such as travel, sports and living. A powerful algorithm operates invisibly in the background and introduces Mercedes-Benz customers to their individual vehicle recommendations including accessories.

  • Digital Concept:
    Jens Schlüter, Markus Mannes, NOLTE&LAUTH GmbH
  • Design:
    Berylls Strategy Advisors GmbH, Munich NOLTE&LAUTH GmbH, Stuttgart
  • Programming:
    Sebastian Loose, Sebastian Luxem, NOLTE&LAUTH Thomas Niessen, SBN Data Technologies Hendrik Stange, Dr. Claus-Peter Buszello, Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS, Sankt Augustin
  • Client:
    Daimler AG, Stuttgart
  • Project Management:
    Malte Broxtermann, Rosita Kraus, Berylls Strategy Advisors GmbH Frank Sesselmann, NOLTE&LAUTH GmbH Armin Seidel, Daimler AG