Red Dot Design Award
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The design of this iPad and iPhone application for the web TV platform bridges the gap between the company’s past and future and is fully in line, both aesthetically and in terms of its usability, with the car manufacturer’s claim as a leading brand in technology. The cornerstone of the user interface is a digital filmstrip, which – either vertically or horizontally – shows the film contents as a sequence of individual images. The consistent colour coding and elegant classic graphic presentation of the various channels as well as the intuitive multitouch navigation make the application fun to use and provide the user with a high-quality TV experience. Newly developed functions, such as the news channel and the playlist function, exceed the former capabilities of the online version and deliver an outstanding big-screen experience in a mobile format. Statement by the jury »This app for features contents that the company has produced over the last few years advertising its products, documenting its events and presenting interviews and testimonials. The user interface is very well done in terms of functionality and its design is aesthetically and sophisticatedly adapted, in order to make full use of this kind of format – simply smart and of top class overall.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Daimler AG, Stuttgart
  • Design:
    Scholz & Volkmer GmbH, Wiesbaden
  • art direction:
    Sebastian Kraus
  • concept:
    Andrea Sauerwein
  • screen design:
    Martina Camps y Espinoza
  • project management:
    Annika Firlus
  • technical direction:
    Andreas Klinger
  • project lead:
    Uwe Todoroff