Corporate Identity

mg Michael Großmann Architekt


The corporate design of the architect Michael Großmann communicates professionalism and competence, while the logo consisting of the initials “mg” has the appearance of a ground plan. Further elements of a construction plan – such as lines, hatchings, measurements and typographical elements – visualise the architectural context. The sole colour used in the reduced corporate design is black. High and deep embossing of the logo creates a 3D effect that not only refers to the 3D technique used but furthermore stands for the architectural theme.

  • Client:
    mg Michael Großmann Architekt, Pulheim
  • Design:
    Lockstoff Design GmbH, Grevenbroich
  • Creative Direction:
    Susanne Coenen, Nicole Slink
  • Graphic Design:
    Stephanie Marniok, Judith Maasmann
  • Photography:
    Lena Overkamp