Red Dot Design Award
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MIDLAND CHRISTMAS 2015 | Red Dot Design Award

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This Christmas decoration for a commercial building located in Nagoya, Japan, followed the concept of a light inside a light. The space was designed as an impressive artwork consisting of a constellation of sparkling moments. It was realised using Picasus, a new film material that is transparent yet gives off a metallic lustre on its surface. The material is certainly substantial, but its texture is mysteriously lacking in the presence of shadows. The paper used for the “shoji”, which was utilised for work on the Christmas tree and objects on stage, catches light and softly spreads it all over the space.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Kosei Komatsu Studio, Kanagawa
  • Agency:
    Dentsu Meitetsu Communications Inc., Nagoya
  • Production:
    NOMURA DUO Co., Ltd., Nagoya
  • Client:
    TOWA REAL ESTATE Co., Ltd., Nagoya
  • Photography:
    Shin Inaba, Tokyo
  • Sponsorship:
    Toray Industries, Inc., Tokyo PANAC Co., Ltd., Tokyo
MIDLAND CHRISTMAS 2015 | Red Dot Design Award
MIDLAND CHRISTMAS 2015 | Red Dot Design Award