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MIES_container is a Korean industrial-style restaurant chain with exclusively male staff. The design concept of a construction site – or rather a container – as an unusual location for a restau-rant is targeted particularly at young women. The corporate identity is marked by a distinctive logo, set either in black or white, which forms a clear contrast to a passionate red. This striking colour scheme facilitates a target-group-specific approach, particularly for interior design and advertising materials. Complemented by humorous design elements, this combination fosters a construction site décor characterised by male strength and passionate movement.

  • Client:
    MIES_container, Daegu
  • Design:
    MIES_container Design Team, Daegu; JUN Cooperation, Daegu; IRU Adcom, Daegu
  • creative direction:
    Chang Hee Lee
  • art direction:
    Jong Eun Ahn
  • graphic design:
    Jong Eun Ahn
  • photography:
    Yong Han Lim