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Milimage Beauty Pouch

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On average, Korean women carry 8.6 cosmetic products in their handbags. Beauty Pouch, a practical, compact and modular product, tries to provide a solution that allows women to easily refresh their make-up with all the essentials in one hand. The product consists of three types of components, which can be effortlessly connected and separated thanks to built-in magnets. Each component may be carried individually or combined as a set of two or three. The wide product range provides a variety of choices and lets users configure their own products. Also, the different case colours reflect the characteristics of each product, thus representing the individuality of the user.

  • Client:
    PURPLEPATCH, Seoul, South Korea
  • Design:
    PURPLEPATCH, Seoul, South Korea
  • Graphic Design:
    Hyesun Lee
  • Product Design:
    Jonghyun Park, Hyejung Hwang, Jungah Rah
  • Technical Direction:
    Cheonsu Park
  • Creative Direction:
    Daekuen Tché