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Miller Lite | Red Dot Design Award

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Different formats, different sizes, different content – and an overarching idea: these are the elements that characterise the three-part packaging design for Miller Lite, and which combine to form a coherent appearance subsumed under one branding family. One of the elements captures the spirit of the United States celebrating a historic summer of patriotic events in 2016, encapsulating it for example into thematic in-store displays, while two new panels were introduced enabling an economic and scalable design which, when stacked in the store, combines to magically create the American flag. The other two elements touch upon the sports sponsorship of the beer and were developed for baseball and the famous motor racing events NASCAR and Indy 500. The Miller Lite crest, for instance, was used to depict the signature banking of the NASCAR track, while the dynamic cropping of the Blue Deuce car allowed the branding to remain prominent and capture the fast, aggressive nature of the sport.

Statement by the Jury

The different designs for the Miller Lite packaging exemplarily show that the distinctive values of the brand can be bundled under one single design line, yet stay flexible enough to be expressed in different formats, packaging sizes and products. What is special about them is that when they stand side by side on the shelf, they achieve a self-contained significance that is more than that of its individual parts.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Account Management:
    Kate Elkins, Anna Brolin, Isabelle Erixon
  • Artwork:
    James Norris, Will Rawlings
  • Client:
    MillerCoors, Chicago, USA
  • Design:
    Turner Duckworth, London/San Francisco/New York, United Kingdom/USA
  • Design Direction:
    Miles Marshall
  • Creative Direction:
    Mark Waters
  • Graphic Design:
    Miles Marshall, Chris Simpson, Adam Cartwright, Claudia Morris, Jamie Lawrence
  • Head of Design:
    David Turner, Bruce Duckworth
  • Illustration:
    Geoffrey Appleton
Miller Lite | Red Dot Design Award
Miller Lite | Red Dot Design Award