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Mist Net

Mist Net | Red Dot Design Award

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It is recommended that mountain climbers take in 600cc of water a day for the activities they do. To reduce the inconvenience of being weighed down by water, MIST NET is created to collect water in a device attached to a waterproof rain cover. In the 'rain collecting' mode, any plastic bottle attached to the interior of the cover collects the rainwater as the climber moves. A sewing thread then directs the water into the container. In the 'fog catcher' mode, the device can be set up on three branches or outside the tent. The inflated structure strengthens the structure and enhances the efficiency of water collecting. From the results of the team's experiment, MIST NET can collect 400-600cc of water over the span of 8 hours (at night) in good weather condition. This water collected by MIST NET becomes a vital drinking source for the next day or emergency situations.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    Asia University, Taiwan, R.O.C
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Huang Ya-Yu
  • Design:
    Dong Dai Ru, Fu Yu-Ting, Jang Huan-Ruei, Wu Chia-Min, Wu Tsung-Hua, Zeng Yin-Rong
Mist Net | Red Dot Design Award