MLP Annual Report 2015

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The annual report by MLP AG was published as a digital-only version for the first time in 2016. It includes, among other things, a 90-second video on the events of 2015 and an inter-active comparison of the key figures. The graphic implementation with large images and colour blocks follows the new appearance of the corporate website. Topic-specific tiles, informative graphic and text slides, as well as a fold-out letter to shareholders, are all clearly arranged on the home page. The responsive web design facilitates a user-friendly presentation of the contents through animated graphics and clearly structured tables, and text that can also be viewed on any mobile device.

  • Head of Investor Relations_/ Financial Communication:
    Andreas Herzog
  • Art Direction:
    Gorden Koschel
  • Design:
    heureka GmbH, Essen
  • Client:
    MLP AG, Wiesloch
  • Account Management:
    Sebastian Schulz