Red Dot Design Award

Mobile Photovoltaic Cube House

Mobile Photovoltaic Cube House | Red Dot Design Award

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The rear section of the cube is a telescopic tent that opens up and transforms into a bedroom space that is fixed by brackets. It provides a sleeping area for a maximum of two adults and two children. The structure is simple and the operation is convenient. The cube is also equipped with different living spaces and devices—a cooking bench, transformable desk, hand sink, water boiler, toilet, television, and an extended space. Mobile homes can be easily mounted to cars. The top and side of the box are inlaid with photovoltaic panels to meet daily electrical needs.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    Shenyang Jianzhu University, China
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Prof. Li Chenqi, Dr. Fan Xinyu
  • Design:
    Ding Meijun, Gao Yudi, Liu Hanqing, Liu Jiali, Liu Jiatong, Yang Qiuyao, Yin Yidan, Zhu Linwei