Exhibition Design

Moreschi Walking Pleasure

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The exhibit “Walking Pleasure” is a tribute to the 70-year anniversary of the Italian shoe brand Moreschi. It offers a multisensory experience that is aimed at inviting guests to reflect on the concepts of walking and motion from different angles. A central black cube is at the heart of the exhibit. Inside, visitors find themselves below ground level to observe the dynamic succession of shoe prints walking in the rain, on the asphalt and on the ground. While enveloped by sound, visitors are surrounded by a rich variety of Moreschi leather materials, offering them a tactile and olfactive experience to complete the knowledge.

  • Design:
    Migliore + Servetto Architects, Milan
  • Client:
    Moreschi S.p.A., Vigevano (Pavia)
  • Photography:
    Andrea Martiradonna, Milan