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Ever since the black brick showed up as an architectural material in the Qing and Han dynasties, it had become ubiquitous in the lives of Chinese. Its enduring appeal is rooted in its unique colour, elegant simplicity, smooth surface and perfect structure. It also has high compression, corrosion resistant and frost resistant characteristics. However, since a concrete brick’s dimension is suitable for this design, and bears little difference in texture and colour to the black brick, the concrete brick was adopted as the architectural material for this project instead. As forums are used in ancient Greek, the way to solve conflicts progressed from violent means to meetings, discussions, negotiations and contracts to promote the development of a society. This whole project, from site selection and measurement to bricklaying, was completed by the architects by hand. Due to the parametric design, each brick is positioned differently from another; some are just several centimetres apart. During bricklaying process, the arrangement and reinforcement of bricks are controlled detail-by-detail simply by using knives and sand.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Wang Kuan, China