Moving Types – Letters in Motion

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“Moving Types – Letters in Motion” is an interactive exhibition that documents the history of animated letters from the beginnings of film through modern times. More than 200 internationally outstanding examples of animated letters, both historical and current, are presented in this exhibition. Arranged chronologically and according to subject, the examples range from early avant-garde films to modern music videos and art films. The exhibits are presented by means of illuminated cubes with QR codes that link to the individual film sequences. These clips are accessible via iPads that the visitors can borrow. Visually, the exhibition is determined by these self-illuminating QR codes, with the cubes displaying the codes arranged chronologically. To facilitate easy orientation, each cube bears the name and date of each respective exhibit.

  • Client:
    z zg Zentrum Zeitbasierte Gestaltung, FH Mainz/ HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd in cooperation with the Gutenberg-Museum Mainz
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