Red Dot Design Award

Mr. Tea Water Dispenser

Mr. Tea Water Dispenser | Red Dot Design Award

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With rapid economic development and rising interest in tea appreciation, there are many types of water purifiers on the market, but few of them are specially designed for tea making. There is a saying in China: 'Good tea goes with good water.' Keeping in line with this significance of Chinese tea culture, good water is absolutely necessary. Each kind of tea, according to its species and fermentation process, has an optimum steeping temperature to observe. However, it is difficult for a general tea drinker to identify the right water temperature. This is where Mr Tea Water Dispenser comes in. It is designed to control the water temperature, and through several simple steps, the water can be purified and heated to a specific temperature for a particular type of tea. Through an integrated water filter system, Mr Tea Water Dispenser will filter the running water into drinking water. Users only have to put the teapot under the dispenser, choose the tea type by unlocking the touch control and push the 'dispense' button to heat the water. The dispenser will then mix the heated water with water at room temperature to create the best water temperature for the tea. When not in use, the teapot can be detached and placed on top of the case to save space and protect the controls.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Guangdong USATON Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd, China
  • Team Lead:
    Luo Bing
  • Design:
    Gao Xun, Hu Xiangyang, Liu Yi, Wu Yanyong, Ye Jianming
Mr. Tea Water Dispenser | Red Dot Design Award