Red Dot Design Award
Brand Concept

Mr. Tomato & Company

Mr. Tomato & Company | Red Dot Design Award

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Aiming to reflect the quality of purely natural vegetable soups in the brand name, the choice fell on Mr. Tomato & Company. Accordingly, the packaging was made to look boldly simple so that the aspect of “honesty” associated with these soups is reflected in the best possible way. Each label is individually designed with hand-drawn illustrations alluding to the aspect of the “imperfection” of the organic ingredients. These are all bought from trusted farmers and the soups are carefully prepared to preserve the natural flavour.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Firma Bracia Urbanek Andrzej i Jacek Urbanek, Łowicz
  • Design:
    Touchideas, Warsaw
  • Creative Direction:
    Maja Ganszyniec
  • Graphic Design:
    Agnieszka Mazur, Marcin Krygier
  • Strategic Planning:
    Bartłomiej Serafiński
Mr. Tomato & Company | Red Dot Design Award