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MUDT Eyewear

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The brand design for MUDT Eyewear conveys the brand philosophy of being a “reflection of architecture, city and culture” by transforming the visual interpretation of a city into art. As the company believes in the motto of “Thinking differently”, the aim was to challenge the status quo through design. The concept follows the idea of dissecting the iconographic buildings of New York and regenerating graphic art and sunglasses that reflect this. Infused by the distinctive aura of the city, the artworks in turn served as inspiration for creating new products.

  • Client:
    MUDT Design, New York, USA
  • Design:
    MUDT Design, New York, USA
  • Digital Concept:
    Sang Gul Kim
  • Creative Direction:
    Alex Li, Trady Seunghyun Kim
  • Graphic Design:
    Annie Choi, Inchol Hong