Red Dot Design Award

Multifunctional Medical Nursing Bed

Multifunctional Medical Nursing Bed | Red Dot Design Award

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Multifunctional Medical Nursing Bed is made with a balance of economy, functionality and quality to assist with the daily challenges faced by patients and their caregivers alike. The bed’s self-lifting function gets the bed to a comfortable height, prevents injuries and aids elderlies or patients in getting in and out of bed at almost ground level. The mattress platform, which is adjustable in four parts, offers the perfect combination of stability and support for patients, allowing them to settle into just the right height and angle. Drop-down side rails and adjustable head and tail boards allow the bed to be used in a variety of configurations and situations, providing the ideal working environment for the caregiver while increasing patient comfort. The whole bed can also be disassembled for easy handling.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    ZCO Design Co., Ltd., China
  • Design Lead:
    Chen Dingliang
  • Design:
    Xie Hongwei, Xiong Wei, Zhao Qi, Zhao Dongge
Multifunctional Medical Nursing Bed | Red Dot Design Award