Corporate Design

Museum Kunst der Westküste

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The newly established Museum Kunst der Westküste on the German island of Föhr sets out to address a broad public. Its corporate design is based on a clear and comprehensive creative frame with flexible typography and a variable colour spectrum. This allows the design to unfold as a consistent and distinctive representation of more than 500 individual items in the areas of advertisement, public relations, guidance systems, exhibition labelling, museum sales, museum education, museum gastronomy, Internet, publications, management, lobbying and trade-fair presence.

  • Client:
    Det Paulsen Legaat gGmbH, Alkersum/Föhr
  • Design:
    Aalhai, Strategie Konzeption Gestaltung, Wyk auf Föhr
  • creative direction/concept:
    Jörg Stauvermann
  • graphic design:
    Jörg Stauvermann, Artur Gawron
  • customer advisory service:
    Jörg Stauvermann, Hilke Theis
  • illustration:
    Tobi Dahmen
  • programming:
    Jörg Zabel