My Heart Fly

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“My Heart Fly” shows antique Chinese furniture art, culture and research. The drawings on the book jacket and the inside define the book’s structure, contrasting with the exquisite pictures. This contrast not only offers intuitive knowledge but also tells the story beyond the words. The book is comprised of three sections: “Revisiting”, “Innovate” and “Attainment”. These three parts are divided specifically so that readers can follow the author’s reasoning. The artistic style of the book is subtle and succinct, perfectly reflecting the art of antique Chinese furniture.

  • Client:
    China Architecture & Building Press, Beijing
  • Design:
    Day Day Up Design Consultants, Zhongshan
  • Editorial Work:
    Nan He, China Architecture & Building Press
  • Typography:
    Longjuan Gu, Day Day Up Design Consultants
  • Artwork:
    Yongqiang Ma, Zhongshan
  • Photography:
    Chaoying Huang, Zhongshan
  • Publisher/Text:
    Shu Ma, Zhongshan