Red Dot Design Award


My:celium | Red Dot Design Award

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Aside from being an eco-friendly sustainable source of protein, fungi continue to play an important role in the food and medical industries – antibiotics and yeast are household objects, yet fungi’s myriad uses are known to few. Unfortunately, growing them requires specific conditions that are difficult to recreate. Inspired by “fungus follows function”, my:celium is a growing pod and cultivation system that helps people grow their own mushrooms while introducing them to the world of fungi in a simple, yet engaging way. The appliance replicates the temperature and humidity needed for successful and simple fungus cultivation, and its sleek glass exterior elegantly showcases the beauty of nature. Its clone pen offers a variety of mushrooms for growing, and extracted fungus cultures can be collected and archived for future use, ensuring a sustainable at-home system for mushroom-lovers.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Rebecca Daum, Austria