N-S-E-W, City ­Compass – Typojanchi 2015 Archiving App

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This mobile app visualises the N-S-E-W City Compass project as part of the Typojanchi International Typography Biennale in Seoul 2015. The concept of this event was based on the idea that various artists are moving through the city and thus leaving personal traces. The artists not only create virtual cultural “traces”; they also “design” new “city spaces”. The audience visiting the exhibition followed these traces through infographics and also a compass on board the mobile app, constructed by a database system with artist-related city information.

  • Design Team:
    Boram Jang, Juhee Byun
  • Design:
    Rebel9 Communication Group, Seoul
  • Client:
    Typojanchi 2015, Seoul Rebel9, Seoul
  • Programming:
    Jaeyoun Won
  • Creative Direction:
    Jungwook Kim
  • Project Management:
    Sunhyuck Kim
  • Data Research:
    Heeju Kwon