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NAVER Eco-Friendly Business Card & Diary Package

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To emphasise the corporate responsibility regarding eco-friendliness, NAVER has redesigned its business cards and diary. Unobtrusive colours and a clear type face define the communication tools, which are all printed on recycled paper. Cooperation with a paper manufacturer allowed the business cards to be printed on the company’s own recycled waste paper, featuring black ink made from soybean oil. The package of the calendar, made from thick recycled paper can be reused as a storage box and the calendar itself as a picture frame after the year of use, thanks to a special binding and its rigidness.

  • Client:
    NAVER, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province
  • Design:
    NAVER, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province
  • head of marketing:
    Kim Woo Jung
  • art direction:
    Chang Tae Kyung, Rhie Sang Won
  • graphic design:
    Na Se Hoon, Jun Se Hee, Choi Bong Kwan