Newspaper in Slipcase – Made in India

Back Download is a new newspaper that picks up on the original human drive to be curious about the world and presents its topics with a fresh approach to both text and image. The first issue is dedicated to India, since people there look optimistically into the future and think positively about progress – quite different than many people in Germany. Highly engaging reports on green genetic engineering, Bollywood, youth culture and career opportunities open up a wide spectrum of current topics which are complemented by an impressive image series and offer readers multifaceted and fascinating insights into this country. Featuring a vivid layout that alternates between two and three columns and photographs of different sizes, the newspaper turns into an entertaining read reflecting on the dynamic progress of this country and, at the same time, aims to present a change in perspective regarding the view on Germany. Statement by the jury »This newspaper distinguishes itself through a sophisticated and inspiring layout. The photographs of different sizes and formats are complemented by an outstanding typography and together convey the message in a versatile and fascinating manner.«

  • Client:
    stadt land fluss GmbH, Berlin
  • Design:
    stadt land fluss GmbH, Berlin
  • creative direction/editorship:
    Dirk Maxeiner, Fabian Nicolay
  • art direction:
    Fabian Nicolay
  • concept:
    Dirk Maxeiner, Fabian Nicolay
  • graphic design:
    Fabian Nicolay
  • text:
    Henryk M. Broder, Vera Lengsfeld, Wolf Lotter, Marco Martin, Dirk Maxeiner, Michael Miersch, Fabian Nicolay, Udo Pollmer
  • photography:
    Tim Maxeiner, Fabian Nicolay, Jay Ullal, Peter Vann
  • printing:
    europrint medien GmbH, Berlin