Red Dot Design Award
Software Solution for Construction (TAI - Tender, Assignment and Invoicing)


Nevaris | Red Dot Design Award

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Nevaris is a software solution for architecture and construction. As a replacement for three individual products, it combines cost planning, calculation, tenders, contract awards, settlement and controlling in one solution. Broken down into task-related workflows in order to ensure effective and efficient processing for different user groups, the interface provides an intuitive and uniform user experience. The software is scalable without loss of quality, thus ensuring optimum usability, regardless of screen size. The colour-coded navigation and a high degree of data visualisation serve to facilitate orientation, despite the high density of information and functions.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    AUER – Die Bausoftware GmbH (Part of the NEMETSCHEK GROUP), Wals-Siezenheim/ Salzburg
  • Design:
    CUP GmbH, Stuttgart
  • project management:
    Helmut Houdek
  • programming:
    Roland Dorfer
  • concept:
    Markus Weidemann, Hanspeter Hüttisch
  • graphic design:
    Katrin Schmuck
Nevaris | Red Dot Design Award
Nevaris | Red Dot Design Award
Nevaris | Red Dot Design Award