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New Industries Festival

New Industries Festival | Red Dot Design Award

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The New Industries Festival on the premises of the Dortmunder U deals with the structural changes of post-industrial societies as they shift towards societies based on knowledge, creative and service industries. The festival’s central idea is that change is a progress and that industries and societies transform over extended periods, affecting and influencing each other in the process. In order to visualise this interconnectedness vividly, the posters in this series are brightly coloured. Each of the eight motifs has a different single-colour background to achieve high visibility. Elements taken from famous historical glass panels from Dortmund’s central station serve as key visuals. Silhouettes of smelting plants, steel furnaces and breweries represent the former working life in the region and serve as a reference between the venue and the topic of the exhibition. Combined into a collage and complemented by thematically matched icons, the pictograms symbolise contemporary structural changes in light of the old industries.

Statement by the Jury

The choice of colours turns the posters for the New Industries Festival into a highly effective and also harmonious series. Together with the distinctive typography and the black motifs at the centre made of graphically reduced elements from both the historic and modern world of work, they emerge as recognisable eye-catchers.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Dortmunder U – Zentrum für Kunst und Kreativität, Dortmund
  • Design:
    labor b designbüro, Dortmund
New Industries Festival | Red Dot Design Award