Red Dot Design Award


NEXT AIA | Red Dot Design Award

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As part of a recruiting campaign, the Next AIA microsite aspires to make young people want to start a career with the company. The site design is therefore focused on a clear structure that facilitates an easy and direct approach to applying to the company. Thanks to responsive web design, the site will adapt to any user device for enhanced accessibility. The homepage features a single-page layout, so that the user can access all information at once. The content is presented using a friendly approach with a mentoring touch.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    AIA Korea, Seoul
  • Design:
    designfever, Seoul
  • head of marketing:
    Mark Stanley
  • marketing direction:
    Jong-Hun Heo
  • creative direction:
    HyunJoo Lee
  • art direction:
    Hyun-Ju Cho
  • graphic design:
    Jaeho Song
  • strategic planning:
    Deok-Su Kim, Minkyoung Kim, Jeong Hwangbo